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Ch 1 - Forever Israel
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Ch 2 - Common Ground
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Ch 7 - The Land of Canaan
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Ch 8 - Why Abraham?
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Ch 9 - Abraham’s Error
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Ch 10 - Ishmael and Isaac
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Ch 11 - Esau and Jacob
Ch 13 - Joseph and the 400 Years
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Ch 15 - Moses in the Desert
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Ch 16 - Joshua and Caleb
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Ch 17 - A Land of Judges and Kings
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Ch 18 - The Faithful Covenant and Future Hope
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Ch 24 - The 21st Century Middle East
65th Independence Day - More than 8 Million Residents in the State of Israel"Allah, liberate our mosque from the occupation`s filth" - "Jerusalem is ours"Arab SpringBREAKING: Arabs Attack Israeli Police on Temple MountCharting a Difficult Course: Jordan in the 1950sClarifying the meaning of Dar al-Kufr & Dar al-IslamClashes break out near Jerusalem holy site amid dispute over metal detectorsDar Al-Islam And Dar Al-Harb: Its Definition and SignificanceExplosives detectors to be installed at gates of Mecca's Holy MosqueFrance, Sweden, Egypt call for 'de-escalation' of Jerusalem shrine unrestHamas Covenant 1988Hamas, Fatah Call to "Escalate Struggle" for Temple MountHebron/Al-Khalil Old TownIntifadahIslamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)Israel implements controversial security measures at sensitive holy siteIsrael refuses to remove metal detectors from mosque despite rising violenceIsrael removes metal detectors from al-Aqsa compoundIsrael stops use of metal detectors at sensitive Jerusalem holy siteIsrael-Palestinian Negotiations: History & OverviewJustice in International Law: Selective Writings of Judge Stepehn M SchwerbelMedieval Islamic Civilization: An EncyclopediaMiddle East Conflict: Palestinians Urge 'Day of Rage' as Israel Imposes Holy Site Measures After AttackNetanyahu: Insisting That He’d Ne’er Relent — RelentedPalestinian Authority leader Abbas freezes relations with Israel over Jerusalem shrine crisisPope calls for dialogue and moderation after Jerusalem violencePress release by Ismail Haniyeh regarding developments in Al-Aqsa MosqueSecretary-General Deeply Deplores Death of Palestinians in Clashes with Israeli Security Forces, Urging Restraint by Leaders on Both SidesSix dead as Israeli-Palestinian tensions boil overThe Temple MountThe Religious Sources of Islamic TerrorismTurkish President Erdogan calls on all Muslims to 'protect' Jerusalem holy site known as Temple Mount and Noble SanctuaryTwo Israeli police officers killed by Palestinian gunmen near Jerusalem holy site, police sayUN Resolution 2334 (2016)UN Document A/71/L.22UNESCO Document 200 EX/25White House ‘very concerned’ over Temple Mount tension
Creation and the Great Flood
Below, you will find amazing scientific information regarding creation, the flood, and the division of continents.

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The Temple in Jerusalem
Below, you will find videos with extraordinary insights into the real location of the temples of Jerusalem.

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