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Destroying False Narratives
Israel in the Middle is a well-documented expose' leveraging original source material to combat false information and propaganda regarding Israel and Palestine, their ongoing conflicts, and prospects for peace in the Middle East.

Here's a brief list of items covered in the book:

  • The real location of Mt. Sinai
  • Who originally inherited the disputed territory
  • The original illegal occupier
  • Why Abraham was specially chosen by God
  • Isreal was deeded to the Jews for a reason
  • The Qu'ran confirms Israel's inheritance
  • Muslims consider Israel Waqf territory
  • Israel's rights as a recognized nation
  • God's plans for Jerusalem began in Eden
  • God chose Judah for His inheritance
  • And so much more...
Are you tired of anti-Israel propaganda?
Israel in the Middle sets the record straight!
I've been an ordained pastor since 2003, preaching or teaching at least once per week for fourteen years, while spending anywhere from 4-8 hours (or more) preparing each lesson. That means I've dedicated thousands of hours to reading, researching, and writing, along with hundreds of hours teaching.

At least half that time has been focused on events in the past, present, and future concerning the Middle East and Jerusalem.

I call it a passion. Others may call it an obsession. Fair enough. Let's call it a passionate obsession.
With so many in circulation, why write another book about Israel?
After all my research, I've never read anything that traces the current conflict all the way to the original source.
If we fail to identify the source of the conflict, we'll never defeat it.
Israel in the Middle identifies the source and provides the remedy!
Along the way, I use the Bible to dispel common myths like the location of Mt. Sinai...
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...and the route Moses and the Israelites traveled during the exodus from Egypt.
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I even trace the most probable path Noah and his family followed as they traveled "from the east" to reach the land of Shinar by using documents from the Dead Sea Scrolls.
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And, that's just the beginning...
The truth is important!
That's why I don't dismiss the harsh realities of Israel's past (or the Crusades).
Conquering Canaan was unpleasant for everyone concerned, but it was necessary.

Using the Bible and materials from the Dead Sea Scrolls, I identify the reason God chose Abraham and why He chose Canaan as the Promise Land.

The 900-year road to inheritance wasn't easy for the children of Israel, so I trace all the subsequent conflicts back to their root...and original seed.

To illustrate its full impact, I follow the 4,000-year trail of devastation left in the wake of one disobedient act. SPOILER ALERT: It wasn't Adam and Eve.
Israel in the Middle is a brutally honest journey through Israel's ancient past to its glorious rebirth...
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...including the numerous concessions Israel made in hopes of establishing peace.
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To be fair, I also explore the Islamic faith, from Muhammad through the Islamic expansion...
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...the decline of the Islamic Ottoman Empire...
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...and the realignment of Middle Eastern borders after WWI.
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By supporting our efforts, you (and others) will find there's a reason the conflict persists well beyond "We were here first!"
Everything is connected to God's incredible plan for Jerusalem and its direct link to the Garden of Eden.
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I was completely unprepared for one discovery revealed in this book...

My original concept was solely focused on the history of Middle Eastern conflict, specifically as it relates to Israel and Palestine, so I could help readers trace the turmoil beyond Abraham to its real roots.

At the same time, I wanted to show the common heritage and beliefs the three Abrahamic religions share while also drawing clear lines of distinction to show where they diverge.

Finding the connection between the Garden of Eden, Jerusalem, and God's plan to redeem mankind from the penalty of sin was not part of my plan. I am blessed He included me in His plan to reveal it!